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Vivian J. While interning at a long-term care facility in Cleveland, Ohio, Miller developed a deep interest in advancing knowledge and research that enhances the well-being and promotes the human rights of older adults residing in nursing homes.

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Through her work on a wellness program at an alternative high school for parenting and pregnant adolescents, Pamela developed considerable interest in mental health literacy among Mexican-American adolescents. The goal of her research is to identify contextual factors that impede or facilitate help seeking and recognition of perinatal depression among Mexican-American adolescents.

She is currently on track to graduate with a Ph. Her research project will examine how life stressors housing mobility, life events, discrimination, neighborhood environment, school progress contribute to and predict ranges in suicidality, and how the specialized program at Garza may help students stay safe and graduate.

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Eligibility and Application Doctoral candidates in nursing, psychology, social work, sociology, and other fields relevant to mental health programs at institutions of higher education in Texas are eligible to apply. Application Submission and Selection This award application is currently open.

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Please allow two to four weeks for your proposal to be approved after all items have been submitted. Submitting your Final Thesis or Dissertation 1 Students are required to use correct formatting for the final thesis or dissertation There are two template options, both in Word: with Journal Article s or without Journal Article.

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The Template Checklist should be used as a companion to the Templates, and it can be used alone when creating the final document in LaTeX, or another program besides Word. When your dissertation or thesis is posted to the TMC Library's Digital Commons repository, you are making your work available to researchers around the world, at no charge. This gives you several advantages: More people can locate and read your work.

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Thousands of students have been inspired by public health leaders,like Dr. Paul Farmer and former U. President Jimmy Carter, to apply public health knowledge to developing countries.

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However, students should take care when pursuing an MPH research project in an international topic. Overseas programs can rack up big charges while providing limited benefits, and employers aren't as interested in dissertations as universities are. Oftentimes, international health students would be better served by completing a domestic research project and using any extra cash to volunteer or intern abroad.

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Public health schools are often enmeshed in local communities. This means MPH students can partner with professors to build theses off of existing research and local connections.