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At one point, I was looking awkwardly up at a building and a boy came and asked if he could help me. Once I told him the problem, he was able to show me around without any problem. My classes are located on different floors, so there was a long way for us to walk. He said his name was Aaron and he told me more about the school such as the shortest way to the dining hall and where I can get stuff for different activities. He led me to my classrooms and also invited me to have lunch with him.

He was really nice, so I happily agreed. My first class was U. The teacher, Mrs. Zeis, is very funny. She liked to include current events to show the effects of the history on our lives today. She also told us funny stories about her life and her friends that make us laugh constantly. She also liked to compare situations between different countries, so I was often asked about China. The only thing American students know about China seemed to be that we have a long history, so they were surprised when I told them the Internet is quite popular in China.

My second class was business management. Colizzi, is half-Italian and is professional, strict and responsible. She told us she would spend extra time with the students who need her help. We also practiced how to run a store and visit some local companies, which made everyone excited. My third class was calculus. The math teacher, Mr.

Cisco, plays soccer and is the coach of the girls soccer team. I thought he was only interested in math and soccer, but he was still fun. One time, he suddenly started doing push-ups because a student bet him that he could do more push-ups. After morning classes, there was a minute lunch break but no time for a nap. Americans never have nap time at school or work, so if you are used to taking a nap after lunch and plan to go to school in the United States, get rid of that habit. I met Aaron in the dining hall and he brought some of his friends to meet me.

They were all very interested in learning about another culture. School life there was busy but fun, exactly what I was looking for in my new life.

Rushing to fourth hour — English — Mrs. Rolfs is a careful lady. She prepared paper for us and left blank areas for notes. The class was very fast, which made me a little nervous in the beginning. Most English classes in the United States require students to read at least four books per semester. After the teachers explain the books very simply, the students must research and analyze the books by themselves.

My fifth class was physics, which was interesting because we did a lot of hands-on experiments. Robinson, the physics teacher, has a very good temperament and always asked us to share our thoughts with the class. School ended at p. I must catch the school bus within 10 minutes, so I have to walk very fast.

The school bus driver, Mrs. Michael, was nice and waited outside the bus so that nobody accidently gets on the wrong bus. I was really excited for a new life.

I could travel to new places, eat new foods, and make new friends. I could even make all the decisions by myself. The day I had to go has come and everything was totally different from what I imaged. I was so lonely. In America, I had a lot of connections but nothing could compare to my family at home. I used to walk on the streets by myself and eat dinner at tables for one.

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I felt lonely even when I went to the places where there are a lot of people like schools, grocery stores or parks. The funny thing is I could not drive a car without driver license as same as I did in Vietnam. I was like handicapped in first three months. I also had to get used to the new language because English was not commonly spoken in Vietnam. In other words, I had to start from zero and re-build everything. I had to learn how to live and carry out everyday activities like a child.

Yet life has gone on without me and to survive I have to adapt into the environment that I live.

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Nowadays, I have a couple of best friends and a stable life. However, I still remember exactly how I felt on the first days I came to America.

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It feels really blissful when I recall those memories. I prove that I did not give up on my life. I tried and am still trying for the best in my future. Thank you. I was not thinking about one day that I should leave Vietnam and come to American to live. When I was in school, and that has happened to me on the September, My family had to move to U. I have studied and worked in America for more than 4 years. Now, I still remember the first time that I came to U. After more than 15 hours travel from Vietnam, my family has arrived to the U. S airport Everyone has a story about their life, and I am no exception.

My life has changed for the better since I moved to America to study. In here, I had a chance to experience so many things that I have not ever done before, especially English and American culture. Therefore, a new world was opened to me which created a new story about my life in America. I never forget the first day I step on American soil; I was surprised and scared because everyone spoke English very fast. On the day I arrived to the airport in Los Angeles, Nowadays, in a modern world, college education takes an important part for people who want good living. The united States has many top colleges and universities in the world, so a lot of International students get here.

Among all international students in the U. As an immigrant student, experience two semesters In a Vietnamese university and two years in Northern Virginia Community College, comprehend that there are many saltcellars and differences between college education In America and Vietnam In many regions, especially In education systems, technology and schooling locals As a little boy who grew up in a small town of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, I had different expectations when it comes to the American lifestyle.

Every immigrant has some sort of vision for their new life in America. For me, I wanted to be a famous soccer player or a well know heart surgeon. When I was 7 years old I had arrived just to America. I was in enrolled in school the 2nd week of being here.