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In some fonts, there is a common edge except for letters that hang above or below the line, but in fonts that are meant to look more like handwriting, there is not. Too large a gap may arouse suspicion, but changing an essay from double spaced to 2. The thing to remember is that the longer the base essay, the more they amplify the length.

So for instance, if your essay is 10 lines with double spacing, and you change the spacing to 2. So, for every ten lines you actually write, you get the effect of having written eleven instead. Below is two paragraphs, the left with single spacing and the right is 1. This really demonstrates the potential of the small change.

You can increase this difference at the risk of the teacher noticing. Changing the margins of a page is another great way to change the length of your paper. By decreasing the amount of space the words can take up per page, you increase the number of pages required to fit your existing content. Changing the left margin is a bit risky since most papers are left-justified, meaning that the left edge will be relatively the same for all papers.

You can also increase the amount of space taken up by the header and footer of a document. One final way you can make a paper appear longer is by adding more lines to the header of your document. If you make it too long, be sure to have it on only the first page and not every page, as this would be incredibly obvious. If your teacher demands that an essay be 5 pages long and no longer , but your paper is slightly longer, you can use these same techniques in reverse to make your paper look shorter.

For instance, you can change double spacing to 1. If you must have MLA format and the essay is turned in electronically the teachers will be able to see the changes of font size and other things. So the easiest thing for me is to increase the font size of just the periods to 14 instead of the required 12 font.

This makes your essay lines more spaced out and sentences longer.

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Even though it is not a huge change, it makes a very big difference. In addition to that, I usually add just enough description to my sentences in order to barely create one new line of text before going to the next paragraph. It is also beneficial to end a paragraph on the second to last line of a page.

That way the next paragraph is forced to appear on the next page altogether. If you are turning in your essay online, use these and the larger font periods only, as everything else will likely be checked by the system when you upload it. Unfortunately, this is not true. You my good sir have just made my night! You are amazing. Another thing that I tried at one time was to bold the periods.

Just trying to help out some more. Recently I had to write a page essay on a mostly-factual topic. A quick change to all the margins from 1. In retrospect, I really should have just changed the line spacing from 2. To all you essay writers out there: these techniques should really only be used as a last resort. If you are able to flush out your entire essay, do that instead of modifying its layout. Only when you are completely stuck and need just one more page or so should you use the strategies here. I had to write 3 pages and I only had 1 page and ur advice works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I owe you a drink sir. Five and a half pages out of eight! Tough night oh and screw Marry Shelley and Frankenstein. I have two page research essays due in the same week and this post just saved my life. Bless you.

How To Double Space Lines In Microsoft Word (EASY Tutorial)

This…I…well, thank you, brother. This is the greatest comment I have ever received.

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I feel giddy. Be careful because I know a few of the English TAs do that to all the papers before the prof. If your page is a little too long, try changing the font to Garamond, it looks the same as Time New Roman, but is smaller. Are you married? Thank you so much, brilliant person! For me I had a required 12 point font size but if you type in a Another good tip is to change the font color to grey instead of black on the printed papers This is a good tip because it will make the words pop off the page less, and therefore the teacher will have a harder time reading what you wrote.

This is also good because if your teacher magically notices your letters are the wrong shade, you can blame it on your printer. Thank you so much for the tips! Useful… very useful… although I turn my work in electronically, my teacher allows this stuff, because he used this kind of thing in school. Another tip-increase the size of periods, commas, apostrophes etc.

Another good way to increase the amount of writing without actually writing more is to mess around with widow-orphan controls Under line-spacing options. That can add at least a half-page if you work it right. Better tip — Courier font is the biggest font and still passes as acceptable on essays. Check it out, I promise. You just made my 15 page paper much more delightful. AP classes in high school are an absolute pain!

Another way to make your paper longer is to double space between sentences. Not the double space between the lines, but in between the sentences double click the space bar. You may not even read this comment. But you are a true American Hero. If you are ever in the state of Michigan particularly the lower peninsula , I will purchase you a beverage. Infinitely grateful. Best of luck to you, sir! I highly recommend it. The thing i do the most to make a paper longer if specifics are required is 2 spaces after the periods.

I wrote a 75 page paper over the summer, with every detail specified, except nothing about spaces between sentences. This just saved my life.

How to double space or change line spacing in Microsoft Word

English is going to be the death of me…. Heart u! My teacher says she knows a font near identical Times N Roman, but a teeny bit wider, so it makes 3 pages 3. Any Ideas?

Double-space the lines in a document - Word

Not a typical trick but if it is permitted use Chicago style citations or any footnote based citation style… if any others exist. I can find it, I can move it to single space. But the document won't do it. This is the worst expenditure of money. I want my money back. Uninstall this.

Enable double spacing for the whole document

I want to try that free software that is put out by some company I don't care but I'm happy to try it I'll be it is wonderful in its simplicity. Then I paid almost the same amount of money for outlook express. THAT was a mistake.

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I just think it is sluggish, not nearly as clean, neat and breezy as the outlook that came with my old notebook. I have to end up calling tech suapport because I'm not going through any more irritation. This time I'm just asking to be transferred there. I have until April on this. I had upgraded once to IE 8 and kept getting this "corrupt file" message.

Again I go to start that letter and my train of thought is disrupted.

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Thanks a lot microsoft for wasting my time jacking me around on the phone when I should have received good service from the first call and been sent to tech, and thanks a lot for creating a chaotic software that is interrupting. I gather that in the midst of your ranting, you are saying that you have not found out how to set the line spacing to single and make it stay that way.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here, but please make the question as clear as possible and refrain from the rants, as the people that help you here are your fellow Word users and not employees of Microsoft. Have you noticed page layout differences when you open a document on different systems?

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