Cause and effect essay traffic jam

When this problem happens, traffic jam will occur. People are too busy to think about another people, they prefer to be selfish.

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When the traffic light not working, people scrambled and not thinking of others. Next, poor road conditions are one from the list cause of traffic jam too.

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Pressure on the road has been increasing due the increased number of vehicle and it will cause damages on the road such as the road a become potholes. The pressure especially from the heavy vehicle like a tan of lorry gives a big impact. When road works during the day to repair the potholes, people need to avoid and drive slowly, it will cause a traffic jam and a long line of cars.

The last but not least, accident will make a traffic jam too.

When accident happens, cars move slowly because they need to avoid and watch it the accident and it can make a traffic jam. Hence, there is some effects from the traffic jam, the first one is people arrive late at work.

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People cannot be punctual just because they need to deal with annoyed traffic congestion every day and its make a bad reputation to them. At the same time a person who faces the traffic jam becomes unhealthy stress because traffic congestion makes them stress to queue the long line. When people need to wait for a long time to queue the traffic jam they become lethargic, and it will effect to their work because they cannot be focus.

In addition the effect from the traffic jams people loss of time. People need to rush to complete their assignment or work due the dateline and because of that it will make a lower productivity. As a conclusion, from this topic there a many causes and effects from the traffic congestion.

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Cause and effect essay on traffic jam

Phal Boramey Med, promotion II Essay Writing Topic: Traffic Congestion seem to be increasing Brainstorming: Reasons of Traffic Congestion: Solution for Traffic Congestion: vehicle increasing there should be one car in a family no more roads Traffic more road construction Congestion the rule of traffic is not advertisement or workshop related effective to traffic law should be advertised and trained Traffic Congestion seem to be increasing Nowadays traffic congestion is very terrible.

People are really angry because of spending time to travel on the road. They may go to school or work late. Truly, when I go to work, I am stuck on the road every morning. Due to this case, I am blamed by the boss every day. This problem is caused by some reasons, but I raise three main reasons to discuss and give some suggestions in order to solve that problem.

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The first reason that causes to make congestion is from vehicle increasing. In fact, cars and other transportations increase every day. People like to travel by cars rather than walking to reach where they want to go, so it is hard for passengers to wait until they release from congestion.

The Effects of Traffic Congestion

Phal Boramey Med, promotion II gain more vehicles on the road. Some people think that driving car is more comfortable than riding bicycle or motorbike, so they choose car for travelling. I think that the government should be limited the numbers of vehicle uses in a family. There should be only one car or two motorbikes in a family.

Moreover, the price of petrol should be increased for the cars, so the number of car using will be reduced. Other reason of traffic congestion is no more roads. Obviously, the roads are important for travelling or transportation. When people meet congestion, they cannot move forward or backward because there are no roads to move.

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For example, there are 50, vehicles on the roads in the city, but the number of the roads only This number is not appropriate with the number of vehicles, so people will face the traffic jam. Overall, I feel that the roads should be constructed to fix people needs and the congestion will not occur. When there is no traffic jam, they will reach where they want go fast and safe.

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The inefficient of traffic light rule is the last reason that leads to make traffic congestion. In order to solve this problem; the government should provide the task to the head of each district to create a workshop of traffic light rule.