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Student life is a phase where a person acquires the values of hard work for better grades , discipline, punctuality , teamwork, unity, and more, and strive to become a successful and good human being. It is a period of time that shapes an individual and prepares them to face the upcoming challenges of life with courage and strength.

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As learners, students play a crucial and active role in education. They involve and interact with students and teachers, participate in classroom discussions, and act in a receptive manner. With changing times, the role of learners in education has got subverted from a facilitator to a task monitor. They collect materials for learning and assignments, check on their study times, put back materials at their respective places after using them, and more. Developing excellent communication skills, being friendly and polite, and making practical applications of what they learn are some of the major roles that students play as learners in education.

A school is the second home of a student. Students spend a significant portion of their lives in schools apart from what parents teach them at home.

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Therefore, to ensure that they remain safe and healthy, they have been entrusted with various rights. With great powers come great responsibilities.

With rights come duties. Students are the future of a nation, and it is important for the teachers and parents to groom and nurture the kids in a manner that they grow up to become responsible and able leaders.

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Thus, apart from being entrusted with rights, students are entrusted with responsibilities and duties that they are expected to perform and help in the development of society. Charity begins at home, and school is the second home of students. Every student has some responsibilities towards the institutions they are studying in.

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They are given duties to perform, which they are expected to discharge efficiently. Students play an active role in classrooms. Apart from the classroom or traditional learning, the world of education and learning is changing rapidly. If a colleague tells you a secret, keep it to yourself. You also need to know how to behave when a tragedy strikes.

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  6. In the face of devastating news, you also need to be responsible and be there for your family and friends, as a support system for the people who really need you. Being responsible also requires learning how to hold yourself together when things get tough. Try to use good judgment in the decisions that you make.

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    If you struggle with this, try this course on critical reasoning and never again have difficulty in making a decision. Missing deadlines is not a trait of a responsible person, and by doing things on time it shows you can successfully manage your own life, and your own commitments. It can be difficult to exercise this level of self discipline, especially when your friends are heading out and you have to blow them off to get work done. This recent post covers how you can learn to be very effective in your time management skills.

    It takes time to earn trust, so do your best at work, school, in your sports team, or in your job to prove your ability to be responsible. Only then will you be given a chance for more. If a teacher, or a manager is hesitant at giving you more responsibility think about why this may be the case. Have you been flippant with the responsibility already assigned to you? Take all of this advice on board and learn to be more responsible for your own life today.

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    It will help you get places! Course Categories. Create a Course Corporate Learning Mobile. Music Sports Games Marketing. Be consistent. Never place the blame.

    mta-sts.waahhh.com.my/27917-servsafe-spanish.php Take care of yourself. Learn to multi-task. Be someone people can count on. Think with your head. Demonstrate you can handle the small stuff.