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Martin Luther King Essay Example

Essays by Martin Luther King, Jr. Muste Institute Essays. Muste Institute. Civil Disobedience Nonviolence.

Martin Luther King Jr

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Flyers and Brochures. Handbooks and Organizing Guides. Palm Cards. Raffle Tickets. T-Shirts and Hats. Tote Bags. He proved that nonviolence and civil disobedience could be effective methods of mass protest.

Pursuing the dream in 2016: Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest winners

There are a lot of civil disobedience essay examples on the web. Mostly, they discuss civil disobedience itself, which was also called passive resistance. It has been a major tactic of different nationalist movements in India and Africa as well as anti-war, labor, civil rights, and other social movements in different countries across the globe. Their participants should endure punishment, and thus provoke the government or the majority of people to take action, resulting in social, political, and economic change.

The use of civil disobedience essay examples

They claimed that harmony with universal moral law justifies such actions. When writing about Martin Luther King civil disobedience, you should note that he considered civil disobedience to be the highest form of lawfulness which could help bring human-made laws in conformity with divine law. He believed that these practices could only be undertaken for the right reasons by the right people.

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  • Martin Luther King Jr. When writing civil disobedience argumentative essay, you should consider the pros and cons of this controversial form of protest and argue whether it needs special justification or not. Others consider it to be a powerful tool, which can bring positive social change and freedom to inhabitants of an organized society.

    You should take a stand and argue your position, supporting it with evidence and examples from modern history. The civil disobedience research paper can discuss the origin of nonviolent resistance and tactics used in nonviolent protests, and analyze examples of passive resistance throughout history.


    You should provide a critique of this philosophy by examining and discussing nonviolent demonstrations like hunger strikes, blockades, marches, staged sit-ins, the Freedom Rides. Keep in mind that your research paper should include such sections as Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.


    Make a references list, include sources you cited or used in the text of your paper. Now you know what questions you should discuss in Martin Luther King Jr.

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    • We hope that our tips will help you provide a thorough analysis of this social phenomenon and make a positive impression on your readers.