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It is the practical part of what a child learns. I submit that if homework is abolished, the students shall have nothing to do after school. Moreover, their learning will not be enduring and permanent without it. I should like to draw attention to the fact that the children are not fully developed in their minds at this stage. They are little capacity to retain anything without any practical demonstration in their mental faculties.

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If, however, a visual demonstration is given to them, it lasts longer in their memories. Homework is that practical demonstration of the learning, which is given to them at the school stage. I support, therefore, that homework should not be abolished, as it is necessary part of learning. I strongly oppose the general view that homework keeps the students busy all the time and they have little time to play.

I agree that playing is very necessary for the healthy growth of a child.

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However, a child does not play every time. After homework he can play with a relaxed mind them, it is not a worry at all. If, on the other hand, it remains yet to be done, his worries will grow more. Moreover, I do not agree that homework generates fear and unnecessary tension as submitted by my knowledgeable opponent. Contrary to it, it generates a sense of fulfillment and hold on the learning part. Tasks that involve no interaction, or are not engaging will discourage learning.

But homework could also mean reading an interesting book, having to find something out, create something, or doing a task with family.

Homework can be as varied as classwork and just as interesting. The main aim of education is to prepare us for the rest of lives.

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Homework is teaching us a key skill that we will need in the future. Millions of people work for themselves self-employed , or work from home, they are using exactly the same skills doing homework teaches us. This is not a waste of time. Most homework is simply fulfilling a task that has already been explained so not truly teaching you to work on your own. Working on your own means setting your own targets, and working out how to overcome obstacles. We are the ones who gain from learning so we should take responsibility for some of our own learning. We can take responsibility by doing homework.

We also lose out in other ways as taking responsibility means learning how to manage our time and how to do the things that are most important first rather than the things we most enjoy like playing. Homework then does not waste time; it is part of managing it. The same kind of responsibility is given to us no matter the kind of work.

When given classwork we are responsible for completing it rather than playing around. The only difference at home is that it is our parents telling us to work not our teachers. We should think of homework as being a continuation of our classwork. Not everyone in the class works at the same rate so it is necessary for teachers to give anyone who is falling behind the chance to catch up. If this was done in class those who are faster would have nothing to do during this time, which would be a real waste of time.

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Homework then allows those who are behind to take as long as they need to catch up with the rest of the class. Teachers should not set classwork expecting that the class will have to finish that classwork as homework. Students who are falling behind should receive more attention from the teacher during class to make sure that all the members of the class can move at the same speed.

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One way we learn is by repetition, another is by doing things, when doing homework we learn in both of these ways. When we are taught a method at school, such as how to do a type of sum, then we need to practice using that method to make sure we know how to so that we can remember it. Once some repetition has been done in class how much more do we really need at home? If we have not successfully learnt the method in the class then we will be simply repeating the mistake.

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Homework is a waste of time. When out of school we should have time to ourselves.

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Homework puts students off learning. Homework teaches us to learn on our own. Questions to think about and discuss: Do your parents ever work at home, is your homework similar? Have you found learning on your own to be helpful, or is it better when the teacher is there? Doing our homework means we are taking responsibility for ourselves. Questions to think about and discuss: Does doing your homework make you feel more responsible?

Do you put doing your homework before taking part in other activities? Homework is needed to finish classwork. Questions to think about and discuss: Is finishing classwork the best use for homework? Homework makes sure we remember what we have learnt. Questions to think about and discuss: Can you remember a method you were taught last year? Are there other methods you were taught but you can no longer remember how to do? Why do you think you can remember one but not the other?

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