Ethical systems may be generally classified as

Normative theories tell us not only what we ought to do, but also why we do things that in some instances may appear counterintuitive to what we think an ethical decision would be. Such theories are often called ethical systems because they provide a system that allows people to determine ethical actions that individuals should take Pollock, Evans and Macmillan , p.

These systems are used by individuals to make decisions when confronted with ethical dilemmas. Meta-ethics does not address how we ought to behave; rather, meta-ethics is related more to the study of ethical theory itself.

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Here the interest is in evaluating moral and ethical theories and systems. Pollock , p. For the purposes of this book, meta-ethics will relate to the way we look at and understand normative ethical theories. More concisely, meta-ethics concerns an interpretation and evaluation of the language used within normative ethical theories. Applied ethics describes how we apply normative theories to specific issues, usually related to work or belonging to an organization; for example, policies and procedures of organizations or ethical codes of outlaw bikers versus ethical codes of police officers.

Ethics: a general introduction

With the overview of the three categories of ethical theories we will further analyze each ethical theory or system. Skip to content Increase Font Size. Chapter 2: Ethical Systems. As a result, the terms deontology and nonconsequentialism are sometimes used interchangeably. As opposed to teleological theories, deontological ethical systems do not define rightness and wrongness solely in terms of ends. Often, deontological ethical systems are characterized as being based on the notion of duty or obligation.

What You Should Do Versus What Type of Person You Should Be

Various ethical theories are deontological, comprising diverse substantive principles and differing conceptions of ethical justification. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below.

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