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A degree that will help you grow in ranks and exponentially open you to a growing job sector. With more customization and flexibility, you no longer have to limit your educational goals. This equates to UF Business graduates that are prepared for a wide variety of business-related careers, as well as graduate school.

Business administration, as a field, includes all facets of overseeing and leading business operations. Business leaders in every industry concern themselves with ensuring smooth operations, developing strategies for improving processes, implementing sound practices and ethics, and researching economic and market trends. From independent or small businesses to large corporations, every operation needs business leaders and administrators in order to succeed.

The BSBA degree with a major in General Business consists of a broad range of courses designed to master the technical and practical facets of a business career. A BSBA will give you a strong foundation in a variety of business disciplines. Students take introductory courses in accounting and economics as well as core courses in areas ranging from business law and international business to finance, management and marketing. Additional courses in more specific disciplines such as entrepreneurship and real estate are included, as are professional development courses in business communication, career management and business computing.

BSBA Details. The UF Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration allows students to establish a firm foundation in business principles and then pair it with an additional skill set in a specialized area.

Our new BABA degree is interdisciplinary in nature and provides students with the ability to take a deeper dive in an area outside of business. By providing a foundation in business and the choice of a specialized focus, the BABA degree allows greater flexibility to customize your education to match your individual goals and interests. Once the core business foundation is set, students can then choose from one of the following eight specializations:. BABA Details. Be the boss of what lies ahead as a business major at UF Online.

Students can focus on more practical applications of business, such as finance, marketing, economics and operations. While theory is there, students of BSBA programs can learn tangible skills behind business management, leadership and ethical decision-making.

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These two degree paths have clear similarities, but the ways in which they differ are just as notable. If searching for the broader of the two educational paths, business management fits that bill. As noted by the Houston Chronicle, the essence of management in this vein lies with a view of the bigger economic picture.

Students in management programs aim to have a broad understanding of modern business trends but may not necessarily concentrate on the specifics of any market. Conversely, business administration is sometimes considered most appropriate for people who plan to take specialized business roles when they complete their studies. Those looking to be high-level accountants, chief technology officers, chief operations officers and similar roles would likely be best served by a BSBA degree before possibly moving on to graduate-level education.

In some ways, the two primary business degrees are different in a way similar to public policy and public administration degree programs. Those participating in either program should , for example, develop a strong understanding of the most essential business principles — finance, accounting, marketing and ethics, to name just a few. Those skills can function well in dozens of different industries.

As the programs progress, curricula grow more specialized for both paths of business education. In the management arena, students sometimes move away from strict business practices and toward areas of study like communications and human resources management, because they will more regularly deal with fellow employees, clients and business partners. Create and direct information and communications technology ICT strategies, plans and operations to ensure ICT infrastructure supports an organisation's overall operations and priorities. Manage organisations independently, or through a team of senior executives, to implement policy objectives, increase profit and assert market dominance.

Use your skills to plan, direct and coordinate financial and accounting activities of organisations. Direct the local activities of bank branches, building societies and credit unions. Your skills will enable you to manage organisations independently or through a team of senior executives to implement policy objectives, increase profit and assert market dominance. Plan and coordinate professional and administrative aspects of health and welfare programs and services. Examine organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures to solve organisational problems and streamline efficiency.

Create, direct and review major functions of industrial, commercial and government organisations independently or through subordinate executives.

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Direct development of policy advice and strategic planning within government agencies, community not-for-profit organisations or companies. Coordinate programs, special projects and support services, including management of staff and resources to ensure project completion is on time and within budget. Plan, administer and review the Research and Development program and activities of an organisation.

Inspire and teach tertiary students; lecture and conduct research projects on your area of passion. Learn more about the fees that apply to you for this course. For fee type definitions and further assistance, see the Fee Calculator Help page. You can also search our database for scholarships that are relevant to you or this course. Annual course fees are calculated based on a standard annual study load of 48 credit points.

To be considered, applicants must submit a completed MBA Flexible course application. Visit the Scholarships website for more funding opportunities. Where relevant, admission will be awarded to the highest ranked applicants or applicants selected based on the relevant requirements.

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Applicants should submit their application online with the following documentation. High-quality colour scans of original documents are to be uploaded into the application portal prior to assessment. Note: Hard-copy original transcripts and degree certificates from previous studies may be requested at any time as part of the process of verifying the authenticity of any documents provided with an application. Read more here about uploading scanned documents.

Ready to apply for this postgraduate course? Postgraduate coursework degrees and combined coursework and research degrees comprise a number of units. Refer to the course structure for more information. During a tour of the LinkedIn office at San Francisco, students were exposed to the latest developments in advanced data analytics and changes to the future of work.

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