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In the war, the Pakistani army swiftly fell to India while forcing the independence of East Pakistan which separated and became Bangladesh. A number of times when the relations and tensions between India and Pakistans seemed to be decreasing the control line issues came into existence by the Military of both cuontries. The true example is Kargil war Firings, bombings and arresting of innocent people are key findings of these issues. The Samjhauta Express bombings was a terrorist attack targeted on the Samjhauta Express train on 18 February.

It is one of two trains to cross the India-Pakistan border. At least 68 people were killed.

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Mostly were Pakistani civilians but also some Indian security personnel and civilians. It was identified and investigated as a key suspect responsible for the bombing. The attack was a turning point in Indo-Pakistani relations, and one of the many terrorist incidents that have effected relations between the two countries. The Mumbai attacks by ten Pakistani terrorists killed over and wounded The single surviving gunman, Ajmal Kasab who was arrested during the attacks , was found to be a Pakistani national. This fact was acknowledged by Pakistani authorities. In May , an Indian court condemned him on four counts of murder , waging war against India, conspiracy and terrorism offences, and sentenced him to death.

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India blamed the Lashkar-e-Taiba , a Pakistan-based militant group, for planning and executing the attacks. Islamabad resisted the claims and demanded evidence. India provided evidence in the form of interrogations, weapons, candy wrappers, Pakistani Brand Milk Packets, and telephone sets.

Indian officials demanded Pakistan deport suspect for trial. They also said that, given the sophistication of the attacks, the criminals must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan.

India and Pakistan Relations

No doubt, over the last two decades, media has been playing a vital role over the peace and trade development talks of Pak-India relations. Not only Pakistani media but foreign media is also participating very actively.


From ages these sides have never been to the soft corners of the issue but are always the grand part of mishaps. The both media men and media partners are also demanding their home countries to ensure easy visa policy to promote harmony among the countries. Singers like Atif Aslam and Rahat fateh Ali khan also go India for performing musical activities for the film industry of India. This shows a major peace initiative by media side. The campaign purposes for mutual peace and development of the diplomatic and cultural relations between the two nations in South Asia.

It was started on January 1, The campaign never received warm response from India and Pakistan. This has also presented a soft image of Pakistani personnel in the light of Indian dilemmas. Sports have always been a key player in promoting peace and harmony. Both countries were mutually involved in number of sports like Cricket, Hockey and Kabbadi. And both countries important persons often and several times go to their neighbors to see these cricket and hockey matches.

This was an important initiative regarding peace promotion. He was of the view that army and politicians both the countries, do not like to normalize relation whereas the business community and general public are in favor of normal relations. There should be no restriction on movement between the two countries. In New Delhi on December 9, , a Pakistani delegation led by Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry LCCI said there is a need to take bold steps to encourage business relations and to make changes in investment laws in both the countries.

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It would be in the interests of the two countries to forge co-operation in the field of energy. TAPI depends largely on peace and stability in Afghanistan, which means that India and Pakistan should have a peaceful and stable Afghanistan as a common cause, rather than competing for influence there. In the much longer term, depending on the overall state of their relations, the two countries could possibly also collaborate in the field of nuclear energy. The Lahore Memorandum of Understanding was the first Indo-Pakistani effort to come to grips with their mutual problems and to explore measures to reduce tensions in a nuclearised South Asia.

INDIA & Pakistan Relations(CSS Regarding)

Though the process was interrupted by the Kargil episode, the proposed confidence-building measures CBMs were taken up when the composite dialogue resumed in , resulting in some significant bilateral agreements. It appears, however, that the list of CBMs agreed to at Lahore has been exhausted and currently there seems to be no discernible forward movement in the bilateral talks. It is important that negotiators think of new and innovative CBMs and establish an oversight and review mechanism to monitor the performance of past agreements, to give some impetus to the peace process.

The efforts at building confidence and trust and seeking resolution of disputes can only bear fruit if the process is sustained and remains uninterrupted. On many occasions in the recent past, certain groups and individuals opposed to reconciliation between India and Pakistan have succeeded in disrupting the peace efforts. The two countries will have to resist these disruptive forces by evolving institutional mechanisms to deal with them.

The Kashmir Crisis – The Importance Relationship Between India and Pakistan

Past efforts were half-hearted and depended to a large extent on the character and attitudes of the individuals representing the two countries in the Joint Counter-terrorism mechanism. As the conflict in Afghanistan winds down, India and Pakistan will need to discuss their respective legitimate interests in that country. India will need to convince Pakistan that its interest in Afghanistan is not aimed at opening up a new front in the west or promote destabilisation in the two Pakistani provinces bordering Afghanistan.

For its part, Pakistan will need to reassure India that it respects the legitimate and sovereign rights of India and Afghanistan to develop their bilateral relations. Due to its geographical position, Pakistan can either facilitate or block the trade between India and Afghanistan passing through its territory, but that will be entirely dependent on the state of India-Pakistan relations. Regular exchanges between the people of the two countries can create better understanding and goodwill. Recent initiatives, such as the frequent discussions and exchanges of visits between parliamentarians and politicians from both the federal and regional parliaments, are moves in the right direction and need to be sustained.

The agreement for a liberalised visa regime is also a positive development, if implemented in a positive spirit.

As mentioned earlier, neither trade, economic co-operation nor socio-cultural harmonies can yield any dividends in the absence of peace and stability. India and Pakistan, therefore, need to remove the causes of the tensions underpinning their relations. India will have to move away from offensive and provocative military doctrines and Pakistan, which has responded by lowering its nuclear threshold, would need to pull back to a more stable, and less crisis-prone, nuclear posture.

Role of the International Community.

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The international community can continue to encourage and facilitate an uninterrupted peace dialogue between India and Pakistan. India has always been scornful of foreign mediation between them and prefers bilateral engagement, where it can bring its greater weight to bear. Pakistan, which has in the past sought external balancing and tried to invoke international mediation in its disputes with India, may well be wary of outside intervention after its Kargil experience. Nevertheless, friendly nudging by countries enjoying good relations with both India and Pakistan should be welcome.

Its growing politico-economic relations with India, however, do place it in a position to encourage India to remain engaged in the composite dialogue with Pakistan. Any opinions or views expressed in this paper are those of the individual author, unless stated to be those of Future Directions International. E-mail: lluke futuredirections. Print Email. Pakistan was born by the hacking off parts of India. Ever since the year , the relations of India and Pakistan have never been cordial. Pakistan has always been indulging in skirmishes small and big on the border with India. To this, India has also been continuously retaliating thus making the relationship rather bitter. The India Pakistan relationship can be compared to the relations of two brothers fighting for property rights and indulging in all possible tantrums.