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Then he got A1 for that. Not bad. If I am not mistaken, he memorized 5 articles. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Another thing,in points elaboration,DO NOT put two points into one paragraph even if you think it has relevance. Try writing it in another paragraph and to fool th examiner,use different type of language and sentence to make this point sound different. Always submit examples to further concrete your points. Don't try inserting proverbs if you are unsure about its meaning.

If you are really sure,think twice if its the appropriate proverb to use in your situation. In Bahasa Malaysia,you gain marks by points and the degree of the language difficulty. IN GCE,its different. Do not try to amaze the examiner with your language UNLESS you are really sure your vobulary and sentence construction is nice. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Show posts by this member only Post Da only thing i can say, practice and use the language more and evything will fall into place. I'll keep tat in mind. Oh btw, at least 2 ah? I'm not really sure.


Thanks for helping bayanbay Congrats! I hope i can score A1 too Even if i write and keep it quite simple with afe nice words, and not sentence which will take 2 - 3 times to read, i will score A1 too? Just keep it plain and simple is the key? Thanks for telling eXPeri3nc3 Wao, thanks a lot. The sentence u gave to me just now really like those ppl who write story books Erm, if u don't mind, how to write well in Directed Writing such as reports and formal letters? And when comes to Continous writing, how to write well if i'm writing a composition based on Factual?

Pls tell ya. Thanks Thanks for helping me Really appreciated ur help. Pls do tell and share v me if u have anymore idea. Thanks a lot! Senior Member posts Joined: Nov I suggest you read more examples, and see the way people use certain words, how to use attractive phrases and how you could include them into your essays.


Pickup words and phrases from books. As they have said you do not need to write flowery stuff. But I want more, I want a A1 in the English paper which will be marked by tuitors overseas.

I don't like memorising, please Oct 1 , AM. I manage to regugitate a sample essay given by my teacher for Got 1A Senior Member 1, posts Joined: Jan Haha,trying to be sarcastic here with gimmical English.


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Or is it really that bad? Is it 25 or 30 marks? For this section,use short,clear cut sentences. Straight to the point and be concise and precise. Focus to your questions,complaints,solutions to the problems and add further points especially when the question asks you to write a complaint letter.

Do not be too emotional in the letter.

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A lot of students made this mistake as if it sounded like they were asking for sympathy. Just supply points to make the problems look worse than it is. For continuos essay,this is the part i love the most. It gives me the freedom to write in a smooth flow. Just be sure that your sentence has a nice flow from line to line so that it does not sound jerky.

Smooth transition is pivotal from paragraph to paragraph where you can see the relevance and continuity between them. As I have said,simple and clear makes the cut for your paper to get at least an A2. Use proverbs if you know it,i do not have a strong command in it. Referring to my English teacher,i think we have been fooled all this while.

The one marking our papers are not from overseas,but the Head of English Language from private colleges and universities. Rokkou, Japan. Thank you all for ur continous support Really appreciate it. I think i'm getting the general idea on how to produce a good essay. Hopefully i can use proverbs when it comes to writing time.

Let's see if i learn my lesson well, issit:[Continous writing] Fluent sentences and phrases 2 or 3 proverbs Approximately 10 beautiful words being used correctly avoid grammatically mistakes as many as possible Directed Writing Fluent sentences and phrases Used all points Avoid grammar mistakes Add 1 or 2 proverb[s] Will almost certainly get A1 in my GCE-O? Thanks for helping. Making the examiner to open dictionary? That's quite tough But, how good it is if i can do upto that standard. Thank you all for ur help. Truly appreciate. And oh yeah, dont forget to practice Oct 1 , PM.

Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Mar I played games alot I combined their stories, wrote them all in Continuous Writing part, and got an A1. Junior Member posts Joined: Jul Wrong concept. You should not learn how to score A for english, but learn how to improve your english. Not only… but also To put ideas together and to show that they are on an equal level Information from various fields such as business, education, science and entertainment from all over the world is not only easily obtainable but most of it is also free of charge.

Background information B. Follow a few guidelines to get good results Body A. Important to pay attention to lectures 1.

To understand lecture 2. Will not miss valuable information 3. To take notes to study and revise B. Study throughout semester and not before exam 1. Become confused because too much to study 2. Panic leads to stress 3. Study at eleventh hour too late C. Prepare timetable 1.

To allocate time effectively 2. Time is not wasted on other activities 3. Stick to schedule to get benefit Conclusion A.

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Can achieve success B. As a student, do you work as hard as Edison to achieve success in your studies, by getting excellent results in your examination? Do you know how to do it? Here are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure that you do very well in your exams. Firstly, it is important that you pay attention during lectures. This is to make sure that you understand whatever has been taught. If you talk with your friends or daydream when the lecturer is teaching, you will miss valuable information.

Do not depend on your friends to explain the part of the lecture that you have missed. This is because they themselves might not have understood it. Besides, you need to concentrate on the lecture to take down notes which will help you to study and revise for test or exams. Secondly, you must study throughout the semester and not just before exams. A last-minute preparation will make you confused because you have so much to study in such a short time.

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This might lead to panic and eventually stress. To prevent this from happening to you, put in regular hours of private study throughout the semester. Do not leave it until the eleventh hour. By then it will be too late.


Finally, you should prepare a timetable for revision. A timetable will ensure that you do not waste your precious time on activities that are not related to study.