Essay on my utmost desire

Essay on my utmost desire

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John Locke

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Dropout rates essay. Poem tone essay. Essay of heroism. Voltage stability assessment thesis. American political culture essays. Term papers on parenting styles. World literature essay guidelines. Advice for high school freshman essay. Three essays in corporate governance. If we continue to exist after we die, then we should act in such ways so as to produce a continuing happiness for us in the afterlife. Thus we should act virtuously in order to ensure everlasting happiness:. Basically, then, Locke treats the question of human happiness as a kind of gambling proposition.

We want to bet on the horse that has the best chance of creating happiness for us. But if we bet on hedonism, we run the risk of suffering everlasting misery. No rational person would wish that state for oneself.

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Thus, it is rational to bet on the Christian horse and live the life of virtue. At worst, we will sacrifice some pleasures in this life. But at best, we will win that everlasting prize at happiness which the Bible assures us. Happiness, then, is not some vague chimera that we chasing after, nor can we really be deluded about whether we are happy or not.

We know what it is to experience pleasure and pain, and thus we know what we will experience in the afterlife. The relation between Locke's political views and his view of happiness should be pretty clear from what has been said. Since God has given each person the desire to pursue happiness as a law of nature, the government should not try to interfere with an individual's pursuit of happiness. Thus we have to give each person liberty: the freedom to live as he pleases, the freedom to experience his or her own kind of happiness so long as that freedom is compatible with the freedom of others to do likewise.

Thus we derive the basic right of liberty from the right to pursue happiness. First of all, it is impossible to compel virtue since it must be freely chosen by the individual. Furthermore, history has shown that attempts to impose happiness upon the people invariably result in profound unhappiness. Locke's viewpoint here is prophetic when we look at the failure of 20 th Century attempts to achieve utopia, whether through Fascism, Communism, or Nationalism. John Locke. Read full passage from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding A little Background John Locke was one of the great English philosophers, making important contributions in both epistemology and political philosophy.

As he writes: If it be farther asked, what moves desire? Everlasting Happiness If Locke had stopped here, he would be unique among the philosophers in claiming that there is no prescription for achieving happiness, given the diversity of views about what causes happiness. Happiness and Political Liberty The relation between Locke's political views and his view of happiness should be pretty clear from what has been said.